We Engineer Creativity

We create on purpose. All the danger and intrigue here at ElectroActive takes place within a big bubble of engineering discipline where ideas, objectives and imagination are purposefully and precisely translated into real software, real artwork and other really concrete assets. We help you build your products, portfolios, profiles and personas. That’s why we like to make a big deal about getting them right. Dependable, reliable and nicely packaged for your enjoyment.
* “Spacetime” now known to be “Hammertime”.
Stephen Hawking admits "U Can’t Touch This".
U Can't Touch This
Hammer pants required for time travel. Please see
documentation for "1980s".

ElectroActive is a professional services company
that provides planning, production and promotion
of web and mobile projects.

We Power Projects

We are a production house for online projects. We provide strategy and planning, design and programming, business integration, brand integration, social integration, content management, site analytics, search optimization and other essential services that your online project might need. Most importantly though, lots of thinking and imagination which we like to combine with precision and flawless execution ensure that project goals are turned into smart, efficient realities. And our brains aren’t just pretty faces - our brains have been around the block. Years of experience are behind every aspect of your project’s production. Thoroughly creative, empoweringly technical, absolutely complete - ElectroActive helps you build online projects.

We Are Human-sized

We’re a small company, so it’s easy for you to communicate with us. The people you talk to about your project are the people doing the work. Here actually is where the buck stops.

We Are Multi-Departmental

We work with marketing directors, product managers, programmers, copywriters, artists, lawyers, owners - usually most of them at once. We speak your language. No lost in translation.

We Are Scalable

One thing or everything, we take a holistic approach to assure that each phase is efficiently supporting the next. We plug in easily because we’ve had experience across all aspects of project production.
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